Monday, September 16, 2013

Homeless Hero

You are never going to believe this one..

Boston Police reported that over the weekend, a homeless man turned in a backpack he found with over $42,000.00 in cash. You read that right. There was over $42,000.00 in cash in the lost backpack. The back pack contained $2400.00 in cash and $39,500.00 in Amex Traveler's Checks.  There were also several personal papers and a Republic of China passport. The unidentified homeless man notified police that he found the backpack outside a mall in Dorchester near the TJ Maxx. 

An hour later, police were contacted by a person claiming to have lost a backpack "containing a large sum of money". The rightful owner was identified by his passport and the backpack and cash were returned to him. I, for one am amazed by the homeless man's integrity. That's not to say that homeless people have no integrity, I mean that even a well intentioned and contributing member of society would have a moral conundrum if faced with the same situation. 

Several of the homeless man's friends claim "he's got a great heart" and even though the man has nothing, he would "still give you what he's got." 
I'm still amazed. 

I mean, what would you do? 


MarkD60 said...

With no ID inside, I can't say what I would do, but with the ID, I'd look for the owner (and hope for a reward) But I doubt I'd give it to the cops.

the walking man said...

I know what I think I would do. But I also KNOW I am jealous of that beard!!

Anonymous said...

He is a better man than I am...a much better man...