Tuesday, September 10, 2013

An Open Letter...

Dear (insert name here),

Madewell,  I love your fashions but your tops don't wash well.

Louis Vuitton, you tempt me. You are the one true entity that can separate me from my hard earned cash.

Love, You are like a drug. One hit and you keep me wanting, searching for more.

Television, we have become old friends, you and I. More so now that I am older. I seek your escape at the end of a long day and you rarely disappoint.

Wisdom, Why do you abandon me when I need you most? Is it then that you carry me? Sometimes I can't tell.

Parenting, Thanks for the gift of them. And for the constant realization that I don't have all the answers. That I am only human.

Technology, Where would we be without you?

Confidence, Don't ever leave me, ok?

Writing, Thank God for you. Where else would I put all that crap that collects inside this head?

Makeup,  I want it all. Every little bottle and compact that sends shivers down my spine. Is makeup hoarding a psychological thing?

Friendship, If I am rich in nothing else, I am wealthy in friendship. I have been blessed by the commerce of friendship. I have been burned by some and with some I have made good choices, but all the while I have learned from you. Thank you for a great human experience.

Spaghetti, I love you.

Marriage, Ya I know, I can't brag here because I have failed once before. But this time I may have gotten it right. Just saying..

Religion, Let's not start that now, ok?

Tom Ford, You are perfect.

Blogspot, Happy are those who can come to a place everyday where everybody knows their name. 


Scope said...

And Cheers to that!

the walking man said...

Hey your crap don't stink that's why we come back and can use each other's first name. Buddy!