Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Get Lost

So now I aggravated.

I'm aggravated because some schmuck seems content on spamming my comments section and I want it to stop. NOW.

Who ever and what ever it is that your are trying to get across, it ain't working for you on this blog. So cut the crap! And cut it out now.

Or you'll have to deal with not only me but my little friend here too.

Take a hike weirdo.


Dr Zibbs said...

If it's who I'm thinking of - the babbling nut job - she was doing it to me. Then I found her email and real name and harassed her over email until she stopped.

I found out where she works (or used to work) and said if I get one more BS comment I would call the people at her work. AND one of her comments could be taken as a threat so I said I will call the police.

(Email me if you want details)

Tom said...

I got a crazy spamming comment today too on my blog from an anonymous person named Swag. They referenced your blog in the comments so it must be the same person. I must be doing something right if I'm being harrassed by the same person as you and Dr. Zibbs.

Anonymous said...

My dearest love Candice, I don't think it's listening, I don't even think it knows who you are. All of my undying love.

the walking man said...

I'd stalk you before I'd spam you but at near a thousand miles away I think I could share a can of spam with someone closer. And the old lady says I can't stalk you anyway.

Scope said...

And you have to ask yourself: Does it actually ever work to begin with? Isn't it just a futile waste of time with 0% possibility of a positive outcome?

We are talking about the Cubs, right?