Thursday, July 12, 2012


So there's a HUGE bru-ha-ha going on here with the Patriots head poobah, Bob Kraft. Seems Mr. Kraft, he of the flawless PR, known in pro football and business circles as a King Midas of sorts, has until yesterday been literally untouchable. His organization, The New England Patriots, are one of the most successful NFL organizations in the league and Kraft has been credited with turning the Patriots into NFL gold.

All the while, Mr. Kraft and his family have been a public relations dream. His wife of 47 years, Myra, a well known and respected philanthropist, passed away last July after a valiant battle with cancer. At 71, Bob public mourned the "love of his life" and the 2011-2012 Patriots dedicated their season to their matriarch, Myra Kraft. Coverage of Myra's funeral was streaming live on almost every Boston news organization. Bottom line, if you are a Pat's fan, you mourned too.

So was it a surprise when Mr. Kraft was seen at a recent Celtics game squiring a 32 year old aspiring actor named Ricki Lander?

The answer to that question lies in your tolerance level for a proper period of mourning. Who's to say what's mournfully acceptable? And who really cares what their relationship is? Kraft publicly declared his young attendant a "pal" and that was enough for me.

That was all fine and well until yesterday.

That's when Bob Kraft "regretfully" joined the ranks of the creepy and the Kraft-y, although I'm sure this was "never his intention". A video with Ricki and Bobby (see what I did there?) was leaked to the press and instantly went mega viral. She in a bikini, and Bob in a casual sweater, can be seen reading lines from what is thought to be parts of the script from the upcoming Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson movie called "The Interns". Word has it that Kraft intended the video audition for his "pal" to be seen by Vince Vaughn's eyes only but when something is just not right, and it's caught on film, it always jumps up to bite you in the proverbial ass. Doesn't it?

The video has since been removed by Fox, claiming ownership of it's content, and I did not see it, but plenty of people did and the reviews were not exactly stellar. I can only speculate at this point what the fallout will be, but  I do know that Mr. Kraft immediately released a statement to the press using the words "intention" and "regretfully" which is never a good thing.

“I tried to help Ricki prepare an audition tape for an upcoming Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson comedy by reading Wilson’s lines,” Kraft said in a statement from the team. “I never intended that it would be made public and I regret that it has. I think we can all agree that Owen Wilson has nothing to worry about. I am going to stick to my day job.” 

At most, his intended humor serves to relay the message, "lighten up" people, I'm human, too.


Heff said...

Now I'M A FAN, lol.

Denis Verdecia said...

Nobody wins here. Because of age, Bob is a creeper and Ricki is a gold digger.

What if, "heaven forbid" they met under normal circumstances and an actual connection was made and they truly do like each other's company. Is that so bad? Just because it doesn't meet the standards of society?

I call Bullshit!

Anonymous said...

She DOES NOT want money!!! She's in it for love, just like those hussies banging limped dick Heff. Not you Heff, Heff.

sybil law said...

Although, I don't give a rats' ass, overall.

Dr Zibbs said...

Now THAT is an age gap. The biggest gap I've done recently (because I'm separated and almost divorced} is a 24 year old. I'm 48.

But most have been in the 37 to 45 year old range. Currently dating a super hottie and sweetheart that is 43. In case you were wondering.

Heff said...

Um, that would be "Hef" Trav, NOT "HEFF".

You are forgiven....

Anonymous said...

Yes, Heff but Hef and Heff are nearly synonamous when it comes has to be something, but I was never confused as to who Heff was compared to Heff or Heff's Hef or Heff's Hef's Heffers.

Jim said...

Lucky bastard. ;-)