Monday, January 24, 2011

Hung Happens

So this was me yesterday.

I spent the day on the sofa, nursing a slight hangover, but here's the thing, I don't really remember drinking enough to be feeling that way. I scanned my brain for a clue as to why my body just couldn't move like it should. Is this what happens when you get old?? It started out innocently enough.

We went over to a friends house and she had concocted a wonderful home brew of hooch. The homemade Margarita. Ahhh heavenly, going down, and we drank them from tiny Grappa glasses. It seemed very innocent. Surely two or three of these small aperitifs were fine for a buxom blonde like me to handle? Right? But I forgot to mention the lethal factor to this hangover equation. Patron.

AH yes, Mexican rage, and when it hits you you are doomed...BUT, after three of four tiny shots, we'll call them, of Margarita, we were off to the restaurant where I proceeded to have two more. One while we waited for the table and one at the table. Again, Candy was feeling so Dandy, she ordered the drinks by name brand, "Petron Margarita, please." All was well by most standards.

I was having such a good time that I didn't really notice that I didn't eat my dinner. It wasn't good, I remember that, and I know I ate some stuff at the table, but not enough to sustain said buxom blonde. I must have really been feeling good because I then drank some red wine with the dinner and you know how the waiter keeps filling the wine glass when you buy a bottle? Here's where I must have gotten into trouble.

I then ate the dessert. SUGAR. Now I know I'm drunk because, even thought I had just a few bites, I don't eat sugar and here I am imbibing and eating sugar. Still, I'm fine and when I get home I see the kids, talk for a bit, then retire to bed. ALL FINE. No bed spins, nausea, nothing just a drift off to slumber but when I woke up? My head felt like a 100 lb anvil.

And that's how I spent the day yesterday, horizontal on the sofa and feeling heavy. Now I know I have hit the liquor harder than that and survived before. What the hell made this one so bad?
My only consolation on yesterday's events? I watched the Steelers whomp the Jets ass..

So not a total loss.


the walking man said...

Time to switch to Absinthe.

Scope said...

Could have been worse.

I thought maybe you were talking about William Hung when I saw the blog post title.

And did not like the 2nd half performance by the Steelers at all. When you have your foot on their troat, stomp harder!

Word ver = winers. "Winners"? "Whiners"? Or people who take on the grapy goodness?

Jim said...

It's called "the chardonnay flu" in our house, when it happens to my Mrs. I don't think I've been hung over since college, so I'm either not drinking enough or I've built up some sort of natural immunity by now.


Joker_SATX said...

Hair of the dog! That's why I always keep a can of Rhiengold beer handy...and plenty of water and Aspirin....

SkylersDad said...

wine on top of anything is always a bad idea for me. I never mix drinks because I always pay.

sybil law said...

Yep - a nice bloody Mary for lunch might've made you feel better!
Sucks, though. I have been there, far too often to count. Hope you're better now!

BeckEye said...

You can admit that you were celebrating the Steelers' victory.

Anonymous said...

For some of us it does. Others, well...not so much.

Anonymous said...

wait...I meant Girth happens.