Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Worst LIE Of His Career

I feel the need to weigh in on this whole Tiger Woods debacle on this forum, considering a few factors:
1. I once was a wronged, cheated on spouse. (repeat: I WAS-past, not present)
2. My son is a young boy who at one time idolized what used to be "Tiger Woods".
c. Because I have a blog and I can.

I think that Josh Duhamel is probably the happiest guy in the world right now. I speak of Fergie's (Black Eyed Peas) actor husband, because until Tiger's UNBELIEVABLE story of multiple, cross-continental, global, adulterous trysts that broke last week, Josh was the dirty dog of the tabloid world. The media was collectively looking at Josh with a "how could you?" scowl, for his "transgressions" with a stripper in some hotel room.

Josh should send Tiger a huge fruit basket for the holiday's, because, sadly, Tiger's torrid story makes Josh look like a choir boy.

This morning, after woman number 10 has emerged as his alleged mistress, Tiger finds himself with the worst lie on the golf course of life. And that's what this is really about, isn't it? LIES. And I know a lot about lies, considering I lived one for many years. I think that, maybe, the difference between my EX and Tiger is about seven zeros. What I mean by that is that my EX's torrid sex stories weren't worth six zeros, or even two zeros to TMZ. I have a feeling that if they were worthy of some zeros, my story would have played out much like Tiger's. I may even venture a guess to say I know a small bit about how Elin is feeling.

I feel pretty confident guessing that she F-ING hates the sight of her husband right now and she most definitely (sorry anti-violence folks) has either hit her husband with her hands or some other object, or has fantasized about it. Today's 24 hour Tiger media drama is reporting that Elin has moved out of their home. Yeah, I'm sure she has been pushing for that since the minute she learned about everything. I'm sorry she had to withstand this with his sorry-ass face for as long as she has.

Do I believe every $$ grubbing tramp who says she slept with Tiger over the last few years?
Do you?
I do believe he f-ed up ROYALLY and that he has been banging whatever he wanted for as long as he wanted, but all of these women??? I'm seeing money talking here, more than truth, for the most part.

The problem is the almost, "addiction and deviance" that is revealed by 1. the numerous sexual partners and 2. the deviance in which Tiger continued these sexual affairs. Herein lies the problem, with LIES being the operative word.

LIES destroy lives.

Cheap, tawdry ho's who sleep with other women's husbands are not the problem. The problem is Tiger's addiction to the deviance and the lies he has strung together to support his secret life. I was Elin, and even without the zeros, the house of cards falls just as hard. Because of the lies, I can never really look back and say, "Well, we had some good years" because I don't believe that. I don't believe anything was EVER true, because it was all based on LIES. And if I were betting on Elin, I would say it was even money odds, she is feeling somewhat similar and that this marriage will not survive.

I can't even imagine being Elin today and having a 24-7 media frenzy, detailing every sick and hurtful detail of my one time, beloved husband's, deviant, sexual trysts for the world to consume. AND yes, it's possible she HAD NO IDEA. Deviant, psychopathic liars are so good at keeping you in the dark.

I can tell you this. This is not going to be a victorious, come from behind victory for Tiger Woods. The athlete who at one time was a beacon of mental toughness, will now endure the scrutiny of disgrace in his life off the course. He is a fool that has chosen the wrong path and has destroyed his legacy and his life.

There is no magical club in his golf bag that can get him out of this LIE.


Cowguy said...

That magic club, and thinking with it... is what got that feller where he is right now.

Cora said...

I was Elin too. I know how she feels as well. Angry, humiliated, hurt, stupid (for believing the lies and not seeing what was going on sooner), and about two inches tall. Does she hate him and want to shove a golf club up his ass? Damn straight.

I wanted to hurt my ex just as much as he'd hurt me even if it hurt me even more to do it, but eventually that emotion passed and instead I realized my ex was his own worst enemy and he'd torture himself way better than I could, so I just sat back, put my feet up and watched him screw his life the hell up. It is quite entertaining sometimes. I hope Elin gets to that point too in time.

BeckEye said...

Just another rich, famous asshole getting away with whatever he can because he can.

Speaking of rich assholes, you missed the hilarious pic of Tom Brady that I posted while you were on vacation. :)

Scandalous Housewife said...

I can't imagine the humiliation of having SO MANY women coming forward claiming to be my husband's lover, blasted all over the media. But it shows just how effed up insecure Tiger is. Watch for him on VH1's Sexual Addiction show with Dr. Drew...

Joker_SATX said...

If Tiger was smart...He would go buy a remote deserted island somewhere and live on it...and only come out when there is a Golf Tournament in order to make the money he is going to need to pay off these women.

Tiger's only sex companion should be rosey palm and her 5 sisters for the next 10 years.

Using this strategy, He may just get out of the mess he is in right now.

Soda and Candy said...

It's just horrible, and I honestly hope the media just drops it for Elin's sake.

The Dental Maven said...

A male patient of mine today invoked the "innocent until proven guilty" phrase about Tiger. He went on to say that Tiger likely had "women throwing themselves at him." Uh, yeah, I said -- it's always the womans fault. I asked him if he thought OJ was innocent too.


Jimmy Bastard said...

Half a billion dollars for his wife NOT letting him sink a putt on her green.... not bad for a day's work.

joe said...

The worst part is he didn't use a condom a few times, and that alone put his wife and unborn child at risk. There's no excuse. He's a pig.

Mr. Knucklehead said...

Just because a guy is athletically-skilled and rich doesn't mean he isn't a complete idiot. Right Tiger?



Scary, though, the people these high profile guys are willing to trust.

The Peach Tart said...

Oh what a tangled web we weave.....

Scope said...

I have really tried to avoid this story. It's a train wreck. And it's none of my business.

Hope she takes him for half, plus half of all future earnings for the kids.

And then takes the kids to Sweden for a while, where the media is isn't so blinding. And if he's smart, he'll let her and not say a peep to a judge.

baludec9 said...

Funny picture ( I think Tiger smile near Nike logo ) . Tiger Woods not "Tiger"in real life. He is only wood. I don't like "wood". He is career is crashed.

Scott Oglesby said...

Preach that truth Candy! This was an inspired, eloquent post. I think that most men cheat because they are insecure about something. But what does Tiger have to be insecure about? Maybe he’s hung like a frightened turtle? Either that or something even more startling is going to come out about this. I’m very sorry that you were cheated on as well. Thank God you are past that and looking forward to a wonderful, happy new life!

the walking man said...

While I understand the disgust, it is nothing new. Not among the normal or the famous. Married women have multiple affairs too. I know this from first hand experience. *shrug* Long gone, long time ago,

Tongue Trip said...

such men should be castrated to give them an eternal libido lull.
pat on her back@ tough girl Cora.

Furtheron said...

Part of this is the price of celebrity isn't it... I doubt so many woman would come out mentioning me as I'm not exactly worth it... :-)