Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Penny For A Gumball Mickey!

All this Christmas hoopla got me to thinking about my favorite Christmas gifts received through the years. And the ones that have NOT been my favorite.

Stuff I LOVED:

Mini kitchen-complete with dishes and plastic food in the refrigerator. (It was the liberal, early seventies)

A Snoopy doll-Snoopy was da man! I also had a small, anatomically correct, Woodstock, Snoopy's loyal bird sidekick, doll.

My Ipod-I admit, it was this year and no, I never had one before. (AND mine is wayyy cool cuz it's hot pink and I can watch video and take video and it has a radio. whoo hoo!)

Atari Tennis-One year we got, as a family, a REAL Atari tennis game, like the ones in the arcades. This was in the seventies, when recreational electronics were unheard of. The thing was as big as a house and we had it in our basement. We were the house to be at in the neighborhood. It gave us instant street cred.

Show N Tell Record Player/slide show-I fricken LOVED this thing. I spent MANY a rainy afternoon on my bedroom floor watching Disney's Aristocats and Winnie the Pooh and listening to their stories. I tell my kids all the time, this was the DVD of my day. So many good times.

Stuff I didn't love:

Socks and underwear- I know mom thought this was practical, but seriously mom? The funny thing is I do it to my kids now.
The multi-gift box-this was stuff mom just didn't want to wrap up. I told you dad was the wrapper in the house. This box usually contained stuff like books, mittens, hats, bras and nightgowns.

Plastic face dolls-and I want to be very specific here, I never liked plastic faced dolls. Betsy Wetsy and Valerie with her pony tail that elongates, just didn't do it for me. They were like how I feel about knock off designer bags. I just can't do it. I was a Barbie purist. I really liked stuffed animals, rag dolls and Barbie. That was it. Probably because Barbie was all about the mini, and you know I love all things miniature, and the fact that I had sisters who were decades older than me and I inherited all their Barbies and Barbie accessories. I still kick myself every time I go to a Barbie exhibition and see tons of the stuff I had from my sister's Barbies that I GAVE away.

It's those memories of Christmas Past that I would hope Marley's Ghost will bring to me if ever the fates decide I need a reminder of what's good and innocent about life.


Tom Bailey said...

You made me think of my favorites too. My IPOD, various guitars and football game tickets have been my favorites. Home made soft blankets that are long enough to cover me.

Did not love
Various homemade craft items that were either tolle painted or cut and put together. Home made blankets too short for me - they were like annoying lap blankets...

Thanks for sharing

SkylersDad said...

I remember a Christmas that we were all excited about getting one of those old magnetic football games. My dad, sister, and I all were huge sports fans. We lined up the players and plugged it in and watched as everything wondered around aimlessly. What a letdown!

Anonymous said...

I was tossing around a few recurring blog themes I could do for 2010, and your post on toys of Christmas past got me thinking. Then I thought of the cool food reviews that my blog pal Michael Rivers did in 2009, and I thought....THAT'S IT! I'll Reinvent childhood recipes/food and turn them into culinary delites! Or fail in the process.


Mrs. Holly Hall said...

What??!! Anatomically correct Woodstock?

Soooo . . .. . was the bird a girl or a boy . . . inquiring minds wish to know . . . :)

Happy New Year Candy ;)

joe said...

And Barbie had a much better rack..

Mr. Knucklehead said...

Got a Kindle this year. It rocks, totally.

My favorite all-time, though was my electric football game when I was about ten.

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

Atari Tennis! I had a friend with that and literally everyone would beg and plead to be invited over to his house! So I know just how popular you must have been!

So cool!

the walking man said...

4-12 packs of Diet Pepsi was about it, am set until at least nest week. Although one relation sent me the exact same book of poetry as she did last year. I returned it and mailed the store credit to a woman's shelter. I thought that fitting as Ginsburg was a bit of a misogynist.

Scott Oglesby said...

This was a great post. My favorites ever were my first bike, Atari, a football and Nintendo. My worst gifts were what you’ve already said. I hope that you have an amazing, fabulous New Year! No partying for me. I’ll watch a couple movies and try to stay comfortable. I said I was quitting drinking for the New Year anyway so there you go.

Cora said...

My favorite gifts were my Strawberry Shortcake Dolls, my bike, my roller skates, and a baby doll I simply ADORED (until the family dog ate her. *sniffle*)

My least favorite gift would have to be this big old calculator I got in second grade - it added things up WRONG. See, I didn't realize it was adding things wrong at first and I couldn't figure out why I kept getting my answers wrong on the worksheets. In all honesty, it started to make me feel like I was really stupid, like I couldn't use a calculator right. But then one day it misadded something very basic which I KNEW I knew (it told me 2+2=5 or something like that) and at that point I was all like, "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD, my calculator is a LIAR!!!!" and dad played with it and fully agreed. *moron status revoked*

My ex-MIL always gives her grandkids socks, underwear, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Every stinking year. Yeah, her 6 grandkids just LOVE that. *snicker*