Monday, November 2, 2015

On Borrowed Time

Daylight saving time and, whoo hoo, if Fall Back isn't my favorite time of the year! I remember it best back in high school when it gave me an extra hour with my friends at that certain upperclassmen party! As I got older, had children and worked harder than ever that extra hour was a welcome gift. Yes, yesterday morning was a pure delight when I realized that I had an extra hour of sleep, rest or relax-whatever I wanted or needed to do-because time is precious, especially these days.

What could I do with my extra hour on a Sunday? More time to make my football picks. More time to do laundry, cook, clean, sleep or spend with my family. I felt like I hit the time lottery and my psyche had a slight  positive respite, if only for an extra hour. As happy as the extra hour makes me, there are those who do not delight in the borrowed time as I do.

Originally, the DST was method adopted to "save energy" during World War I and World War II, but recent studies actually show that this is not the case. It shows that it may decrease lighting use but may increase heating and AC use. It would seem that there are benefits and dangers to both moving the clocks ahead and back, and there are lobbying groups both pro and con for DST.

For me? I am just taking it one day at time and enjoying stealing an extra hour for myself. Talk to me in the spring when I have to give that hour back. For now I'm moving ahead living on the borrowed time.

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the walking man said...

Such a buoyant post! Jaysus the Candace the only thing i think about when DST hits is cold, colder, freezing, and quiet blessed blessed quiet in the slums because it all goes in doors from the front porch. I still haven't adjusted now instead of rising at 2am I rise at 1am. Oh those whacky circadian rhythms.