Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I Have An Emergen-C

It's THAT time of year..

It's inevitable. The temperatures are changing which means that sure as sh*t-we are all gonna get sick. And sure as sh*t, Monday night, on my drive home from work I noticed I had sprouted a sore throat that wasn't letting up. Christ! I can't get sick this week! My store manager is on vacation which means I HAVE to be at work for the next 8 days-sick or not. I had to think fast. If gone unattended, this could be an emergency of epic proportions.

Did I just say emergency? I think I did and that is exactly what came to mind when I decided Mr. Cold was asking to come into my body from the cold. I had some Emergen-C  at home and I knew this would be weapon of choice against the dastardly cold knocking at my door. I made the Emergen-C with hot water, because by now, not only is my throat sore but I am feeling a chill down to my bones.

It tasted good.
It made my throat feel better.
All of a sudden I wasn't so cold anymore.
The question was-did I kill the cold?

1000 mg of Vitamin C is no joke, (besides all the other sugar and crap that it is comprised of) and two days later I am still hitting the Emergen-C two times a day. But am I sick with a cold? A little.. slight congestion, sore throat fever and I'm up and feeling OK. I think it may have worked to shorten the duration of this cold. Hey! How about that?

I'm not taking any chances though. I figure a day or two more of this remedy, rest and taking it easy and we may not have an emergency on our hands.


Melaka said...

This is my go-to remedy for when I start to feel a cold coming on. I double up the dose twice a day (two packs at a time, morning and night). I also start popping the Zicam for a couple of days. The only downfall to the Emergen-C is that it cleans out your system pretty quickly. For that purpose, it's also a good remedy for constipation.

the walking man said...

Never heard of the stuff--I know that if you drink copious amounts of alcohol nothing can survive in your system I call that the Tequila cure. work performance may be a little crooked but you can alays claim it's a fashion statement!

fktrc said...

Siberian Cats are amazing and smashing!