Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WTF Wednesday

WTF NFL? ...Can we all please move. the. F. ON?? This whole Deflategate thing has been the most drawn out, over publicized and over analyzed thing EVER. Not sure why the NFL decided it wants to put the screws to Brady and dig it's heels in on this one. Whether he lied or's freaking air pressure in a's not like he beat his wife or anything.

WTF Apple Watch?...What do you mean you don't work autonomously without the iPhone present? Really? Like you can't do every single thing the iPhone can by yourself? Completely free of one's cellular device? What if I want to run on the treadmill without my phone and listen to my music? What if I want to check an email or text while "unplugging" from my cell? What a rip off.

WTF Windows 10?...What ever happened to 9? I got lost somewhere between 8 and 9.  

WTF Summer Cold?....My Guy and I have a horrid summer cold. Mine is all in my head. Sinus pressure, congestion, runny nose, watery eyes. I have been down for 3 days too!! My guy has it all in his chest. A summer cold is the worst.

WTF Ben Affleck?....Cheated? Seriously? And with the nanny? Ok, everybody knows that Ben is my homeboy and all, being from Boston, but cheating with the nanny is a little too sinister for me. Good for Ben he's adamantly denying it-even threatening legal action.

WTF Weather?....I can't really complain about super hot and humid weather, can I? I'd much rather be complaining about this weather than the polar opposite. So I'm just going to take this hot, sticky and unusually uncomfortable hot weather and shut the F up. Ok?

Oh yeah, and today is National Lipstick Day! So go on over to that sidebar over to the right and click on the link to my store...treat yourself to a celebratory lipstick!

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the walking man said...

I have to many WTF's right now to even go into them.