Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My CVS Haul

So I'm in CVS to get contact solution and I can't help but be lured to the beauty aisle. Like really, Candace? I happen to OWN an entire store of beauty products, yet I feel the pull of touch, feel, try and smell all that CVS, or drugstore brands, have over me. Coming in to spend $17.00 for the needed contact solution soon turns into $100.00 of beauty crap that literally fascinates me. I'm going to justify it as research and development-as I need to stay on top of all the beauty trends. Don't I?

My number one favorite this trip is:

Nivea-In-Shower-Body Moisturizer-Oh hell yes! Where has this stuff been my whole life? I am a girl who loves body products, and a daily user of body moisturizers. I never skip my lotion, if I can help it, and this stuff is my answer to skipping body lotion outside the shower. WHY I LOVE IT: It's so easy and about $6.00. After cleansing the body/hair with soap or gel and getting ready to exit, you step away from the stream of water and apply this gem directly to wet skin just like you would a regular body moisturizer IN THE SHOWER!. After fully immersing your body in the creamy goodness you then step back into the stream of water and rinse off. Voila! Moisture drenched skin that can go the day without applying moisturizer outside the shower. MY RECOMMENDATION: Apply moisturizer after drying off. Now I know you are thinking that it totally defeats the purpose here, but trust me, you skin will look moisture drenched all day long and be oh-so-supple to the touch.

Maybelline Rocket Volume Express Mascara- I had high hopes, really, but this one was an epic fail for me. Sorry Maybelline. (I'm going to stick to my Maybelline Lash Stiletto which I LOVE) This one just didn't hit the mark for me. At $7.99, it boasts "8x bigger, smother, explosive, most beautiful lashes ever instantly". WHY IT DIDN'T WORK FOR ME: It didn't deliver "bigger, smoother, explosive" lashes. As amatter of fact, the patented Supersonic Brush turned out to be goopy and messy, therefore the "instantly" part took twice as long as an instant to smooth out. When all was said and done, the formula didn't give me anything but pretty average looking lashes. 

Loreal Infallible Never Fail Lip Color- Never fail-for sure! Holy long lasting! If you are looking for a color that will literally not move all day, this is the lip color for you. I had heard about this product from my clients who are constantly asking me for "a lipstick that will last", so I was more than curious. The formula, infused with Marine collagen and Vitamin E, protects and conditions the lips while preventing moisture loss over time. The price is a real steal at $9.99 for all day color. The dual, mirrored compact includes two lip products in a 2-step process. You apply the lip color first, let it dry down (about 2 minutes) to a matte finish. Then apply the white, gloss over it and go! WHY IT DIDN"T WORK FOR ME: This product did everything it said it would do-a bonus for sure. The only re-applying I needed to do was the white gloss, maybe a few time in the course of a long day. But I'm a girl who wears nude/beige lipstick and glosses all day, every day. This was simply too much color for me for way too long! If that's a bad thing for you-like me- this product may well be better for you on a day that you can't get to your makeup bag easily. Other than that, this product is a great deal for ladies who want all day color. ALSO: Like I said, this stuff does not come off, so an oil based product for removal is recommended. 

Roc Daily Resurfacing Disks-I know I have blogged about this one before, because I love this product! I hadn't bought them in a while-(and My Guy stole my last batch) so I picked them up again. These dual-use pads are pre-moistened and a breeze to use. WHY I LOVE THEM: They are self-foaming! One side is textured to slough off dead skin cells and blur the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and the other side is smooth to gently cleanse and remove makeup and dirt. I use these babies at night, after a long day and swipe away everything them rinse. 3-5 times a week I will use the textured side to exfoliate my skin's surface so that my skin care products will be 50-60% more effective! What's better than that? at real bargain at $9.99.

Ponds Dry Skin Cream- This product is a no brainer for me; an absolute staple in my medicine cabinet and must have. I love this product so much that I would literally put a spoon in it and eat it if I could. 
WHY I ADORE IT: There are so many reasons but simply said, I use it for everything. Mostly as a fantastic body moisturizer but I do use it for my face, just not regularly. I always have Ponds Dry Skin Cream with me when I travel because it is so easy to transfer the cream into travel size jars and because it's a face and body moisturizer all in one! The Price varies due to jar size but safe to say you can get into one of these puppies for a mere $7.99. What can I say? My grandmother would be so proud!

I also bought a bunch of other stuff because I am a hapless, hopeless beauty junky who doesn't discriminate. Expensive or inexpensive, I have to try it all. Like it says on my Twitter profile, 

"If I can smudge it, buff it apply it and try it, then I gotta have it..."

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