Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Need+ Want+ Value+ Emotion= Happy Shopper Squared!

As a shopper and retailer, I am constantly looking into new ways to motivate and understand the reasons that shoppers shop. What brings you to a store? What causes you to purchase and what makes you go weak in the knees-thereby igniting your emotional response to an item you want to buy?

Need is truly personal-if you need something, that sends you out on a mission-ie; the need for something. While you are there or on your way to your need based destination, what causes you to stop and look? Is it a sale sign? Is it a gorgeous feature of a product? Or is it a retail store that literally pops and causes you to inquire within?

Want is another thing entirely. I, for example, could be shopping for something I need and suddenly I am distracted by something I want. That's when the emotion part of the equation comes into play and I usually figure how to justify want over need. Do I really need another something or other? But I really want it! The answer to that, if you are me is YES!

Next up is value. Value and affordability sort of go hand in hand, so if I score a great item on sale, I am happy that I have acquired the item at a great value. Who wouldn't be? But items that are not on the 'great value' spectrum but score high on the want spectrum make a shopper stop and think before they buy. We reason and justify an expensive purchase which makes us evaluate the quality of the item, an important factor too. Value can make or break a purchase decision.

Last is the most influential of all variables in the equation. EMOTION! Shoppers are nothing if not influenced by emotion. Like the $1600.00 Valentino boots I saw on line. Lord knows I don't need them but I want them! The value is there in the quality and feature of the boots, yet the price makes me hesitate to click the BUY button. But it's the emotion that keeps me thinking about them-so much so that I haven't been able to clear that window on my computer. I keep going to that window on my iPad to look at them every few days, hoping I can x-out of it and go on without them...but I can't. My emotional attachment to boots- that aren't even mine- keep me coming back for more.

These are just a few observations on how I shop. Now I want to know how you shop?

So let's do this, I'm going to put up a poll on the side bar with some answers to see what your shopping habits really are! Take the poll and give me your opinion. You will really be helping me out and doing a bit of community service at the same time.

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the walking man said...

Buy the boots for your daughter but get them in your Bozo the Clown shoe size. See how easy problems can be solved. Give her a Dunkin Donuts gift card as a replacement gift--even the guilt is assuaged that way.