Thursday, May 14, 2015

Our Thoughts And Prayers Are With You

Accidents happen, and the latest tragedy to hit Amtrak is a sobering reminder of just that. Seven people were killed and hundreds injured as the train they were traveling on derailed somewhere in Philly. This one hit home especially hard for me as I travel to New York on Amtrak frequently to see Frick. Amtrak is our chosen mode of transportation to get her home time and time again, most notably this Sunday, as Frick has a ticket booked to return home.

I'm not feeling too good about sending my kid home on an Amtrak train right about now.

I am saddened for the families of the loved ones lost and I pray for the recovery of the injured, but how can I knowingly put my child on a train after this? Some would argue that this might be the safest time to ride the train, others may decide not to press their luck. I'm more of the latter way of thinking, yet life goes on. It has to, don't you think? The train service has resumed, everyone more than likely exercising extreme caution to prevent against further accidents, but still I worry.

Maybe I'll drive down to pick her up myself.

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the walking man said...

Until the error is found, be it mechanical or human...nope, no Amtrak for me. And if they don't find it by Labor Day theis guy is definitely skipping his son's Ct wedding.