Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Morning

Ughhh. Monday...

If you ask me Sunday is the greatest day of the week.
But not yesterday. Sunday is my only day of the week to power down and re-charge my battery. But not yesterday.

Yesterday sucked.

Yesterday was right up there with one of the worst days of my life. Top five for sure.
What I learned:

  • I'm not superwoman.
  • I have to ask for help because I need it.
  • I'm fooling no one but myself and I'm not even fooling myself, which means I suck at that too.

So here it is Monday and I'm completely depleted of any optimism or freshness. I'm stuck here in hell and I need to get out. I'm feeling like I'm waaay back at my opponent's 5 yard line and there is not a receiver in sight. Do I take the sack or do I take my ball and get off the field? Neither option is going to give me any relief. And the kicker? It's a gloomy, misty, cold Monday morning. Not even a dose of vitamin D to get me going. 

Why bother?

Anyone seen my mojo? Let it know I'm lobbing a Hail Mary to the end zone and I'm going to pray it gets caught. 


the walking man said...

Oh good God if you are that bad at living through and getting compliance with a hard headed person who only is vending shit right now, first go read what I wrote this morning then call Playboy and tell them for a million you'll do a full frontal photo shoot take your million and hop a freight train to the nearest ocean port, get a job as a deck hand on a tramp steamer and jump ship in the south pacific.

Not a damn thing will change (other than a bunch of dudes will have seen you butt naked) and your troubles will be haunting you in a warmer climate.

I have better advice than this but not for your blog.

MarkD60 said...

Just make it till lunchtime, then do something nice for yourself. Then make it till work is over. Then your week is 20% done and you're well on your way through the week.
You'll find your mojo! You can do it!