Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Those Who Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail

Once again as a Nation we are riveted by tragedy 

This time it was Mother Nature and she delivered a most beastly devastation. The tornado in Oklahoma, an EF-5, on a scale to 5, spanned a mile long and wiped out an entire town with catastrophic damage. The Death toll was revised to 24 with 9 of them children.

Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with them. News videos of the complete destruction, and cars twisted and tossed in piles like jigsaw puzzle pieces in the suburban area's remind us that life is so precious and can be fleeting. It seems residents had less than 16 minutes to prepare for the deadly tornado.

What I took from this "nightmare scenario", is that everybody needs a plan. Experts are warning that a global climate change is upon us, and that nobody is safe from violent storms. They predict that Midwest tornados and storms will get stronger and the Northeast will experience more powerful and violent hurricanes. History so far has supported these claims.

So I decided my family, my staff, we all need to have a plan of emergency, one that we can put into action if needed. We are not strangers to extreme weather, especially here on the East Coast and I think it's time to prepare. As climate changes become more severe, we must adapt to the threat of danger and prepare. It's beginning to become cliche, like a TV sitcom episode about an emergency preparedness drill gone awry. But there's nothing funny about any of this.

This isn't an episode of "Happy Days". In fact these aren't Happy Days at all.


Cora said...

Mother Nature can sure be a jerk sometimes.

SkylersDad said...

But there is no such thing as climate change, I am told over and over again...

MarkD60 said...
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MarkD60 said...

If this was news from a third world country, Americans would be saying it's too bad they build so poorly.
Hurricane Ivan in the Cayman Islands had peak winds of 208 MPH and lasted 36 hours. There was a lot of damage, but not as bad as Okalahoma. A few seconds of wind in Okalahoma did much more damage than 36 hours of the same wind speed from Ivan.
Everything nature does is part of nature. The only damage is to man-made objects.
It's a pity about the deaths, but what do they think they're doing, building little toy wood houses in the "Tornado Belt"? Houses that get splinterized in seconds in a tornado? It was never a matter of IF it was always a matter of WHEN.
As you say "Those Who Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail"

the walking man said...

The kicker is it is preventable but it costs too much money because the whole damn state has not depth until you hit bedrock and apparently they can only figure that dynamite is the only way to open it for a shelter.

Now we have these huge ass tunnel digging machines like they used to build the Chunnel and the Sandhogs use in NYC and no one has thought to downsize one, build a smaller version and dig shelters into the bedrock?

IMO Candace they say that the ocean will rise by 2050 or so enough to inundate the rate of the ice melt in the north. especially Greenland i think they may be off by 30 years or so...All of the East Coast cities better quit arguing if it is or isn't...IT IS.

The really piss me off part of it is two fold...this was all mathematically graphed out in 1956 and we have followed the line of the graph exactly


What we have done to the atmosphere in 170 short years will take almost 500 to completely undo. If we are determined to survive as oxygen breathers.