Thursday, September 17, 2015

Black And Whitey

So I'm going to see "Black Mass" tonight. I can hardly wait.

I read the book. 
I read the papers when it was happening. 
I live in the city that was terrorized.
I remember the pain it caused the families of the victims; mine included. 
Whitey Bulger is urban legend around here.

I'm fascinated by this moment in history that was captured on film and looking forward to seeing-and almost being there-while the story unfolds. Evil like that has a way of mesmerizing the psyche, which is how Whitey intimidated his victims. Make no mistake, I'm not endorsing a Hollywood glorified Whitey Bulger character, but what I am doing is immersing myself in the story of this crime lord who was enabled by a corrupt FBI agent. I am extremely mindful of the damage that this story has caused, yet I am unable to look the other way. 

Johnny Depp's performance as the cold blooded killer is being hailed as "scary good" which lends itself to the legend of this evil man. Boston Herald scribe Peter Gelzinis explained the truth of Whitey's core evil quite eloquently this morning. He was relaying a story about the murder of a bookmaker 30 years ago who had pissed Whitey off. Gelzinis and his colleague Paul Corsetti were working the story.


Scope said...

This is probably a Depp movie that we will be skipping, but I understand you compulsion to see it. There's no evil like home town evil.

Scope said...

And isn't "Black House / Whitey Bulger" some kind women's clothing store?

Thank you. I'll be here all week.

the walking man said...

Hey Candace I honestly believe old Whitey would have been murdered in Detroit during that era of his crime boss. During that time in Detroit history they resurrected Murder Inc. and they had no problem getting to the best protected enemies. 1974 734 murders, about 2/3rds crime related Murder Inc getting paid.

Want to read up a bit on how the effabeye screwed on of their insiders? They took a 14 year old kid and put him inside, he played both sides of the game and now White Boy Rick who went to prison 28 years ago at age 18 still sits there with a life no parole sentence.

We heard of Whitey Bulger here but to be honest The Chambers brothers would have clapped him off the stage and his whole crew without a blink of an eye.

But I do understand the interest in seeing the movie, but even more I love that old Whitey is complaining about it.