Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Gem Of A Tool

After the longest/ snowiest winter on record, I can report that everyone is feeling dry all over. The most obvious place would be our skin. Yes, the skin is tapped out from the climate conditions but our hair has also take quite the beating with all the cold. Dry, brittle hair that lacks any moisture from the atmosphere has left my clients complaining about the look and condition of even the glossiest and most supple hair. Conditioning treatments are great and can nip your hair dryness right in the "split end" bud, but the best way to combat the brittle fly away's is to incorporate a tool into your daily routine that actually uses patented technology from a gem stone to make hair it's healthiest.

The T3 Line of hair care tools are the most technologically advanced that money can buy and they use one ingredient to actually produce healthy hair. Tourmaline.

Tourmaline, a semi-precious stone is also known as the "electric stone". When heated, it produces negative ions that translate into healthy heat. T3 Hair tools use crushed tourmaline which they infuse into the internal tool components, resulting in the healthiest way to style your hair. It actually cuts your drying time in half! Along with a patented technology called  SoftAire™, T3 Hairdryers use negative ions in the air flow to cancel static and quickly seal the cuticle. The results are amazing! You will see a reduction in frizz, and increase in body and shine, and hair that is easier to comb through and manage.

And who doesn't want greater, more manageable hair? Shed the winter dull and dry hair and try something that can actually produce a shinier, healthier looking hair. This one is a true gem!  It's a bit more than you may expect to pay for a hair tool, but the life expectancy of the T3 product will guarantee your money's worth.  I highly recommend it.

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Kenneth Noisewater said...

T3 is probably good because it is listed as T and then a number, like any good Terminator.